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Take a look at the best funny conversation starters you can use. Here are the 17 best funny conversation starters: 1. What would a world populated by clones of you be like? Is it the more of you the better or would you get sick of seeing yourself after the third clone? Find out how much your conversation partner loves themselves. 2. What old person things do you do Best Funny Conversation Starters 1) What Marvel character you would like to play in real life? 2) When you smile while staring a mobile screen, what do the person sitting in front of you is thinking about you [Read: How to start a conversation with a crush and woo them] #6 Tell me something funny that happened to you this week. This will get them laughing and reflecting on the good things in their life. #7 What is the worst first date you have ever been on? We all have hilarious stories of bad dates! This is one of the greatest funny conversation starters Poke Fun at Yourself: Playfully making fun of yourself will help put others at ease: If you are underdressed for a formal event, say, Wow, I really overdressed for this. If you are known as a boastful person, say, I'm the humblest person I know Funny. 60 Weird Conversation Starters That Will Help You Get To Know Someone Better By January Nelson Updated March 16, 2019. Roberto Nickson. These questions from Ask Reddit will help you make friends as weird as you are. By January Nelson Updated March 16, 2019. Roberto Nickson . 1. If you were God, what songs would be playing in heaven and what songs would be playing in hell? 2. If you.

Funny Conversation Starters ☺ Why is it that when someone tells you that there are billions of stars in the universe, you believe them, but if they tell you there's wet paint somewhere, you have to touch it? ☺ How can there be self-help groups? ☺ When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say More pages of questions. Fun questions to ask - Lots of fun to ask and lots of fun to answer. Plus a lot of the questions can lead to some pretty funny answers. Weird questions to ask a girl - Odd ball and completely random questions aimed at girls but you can also ask guys most of these questions.. Weird questions to ask a guy - The same as above but this one is aimed at guys, but most. 15 Best Funny Conversation Starters. via: Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez. You're not going to start a conversation without conversation starters and using funny conversation starters is a perfect way to get the ball rolling. They open up the conversation to new topics and will make your conversational partner more comfortable knowing that he/she doesn't have to think up new things to talk. Random Conversation Starters. Here are some conversation starters that span all kinds of topics. 1. What was the last funny video you saw? Always fun to follow up on the question by watching the video they thought was funny. I'm sure you've got a few funny videos to share as well. 2. What do you do to get rid of stress

Starting a good conversation can be tough. To help, here are the best conversation starters for any situation, including social, work related, first meeting, or even funny first date talk Laughter is important for bringing people together, so you're sure to be the life of the party with one of these funny conversation starters. What was your worst fashion disaster? Everyone has a few outfits from their past that seemed like a good idea at the time. This conversation starter will help you get to know what the people in your life were like before you met them. It will probably come with a few great stories about their days as an early 2000s emo or 1960s mod. What makes this. Well, there are many ways to start a conversation. You can choose some random questions like asking the person about their likes and dislikes, but there is nothing that can beat a funny conversation. It not only makes the person comfortable but at the same time it helps the person to unfold themselves easily with these funny conversation starters 151 Funny Questions to Start a Conversation. I've grouped the conversation starters into 8 different categories so it'll be easier for you to slide through and get the most value out of them

Funny Conversation Starters For Girls and Boys. You will find lots of approaches to use these issues. I realize that the most satisfying approach is for all to pull up this listing of discussion starters on the phone or tablet, after which take turns making everyone choose a question to ask the group Check out really good and funny Tinder conversation starters. We did our best to bring you only the best. As a bonus, we give you lots of interesting questions to start a conversation. So if you are not interested in dating, you can still benefit from this page because it has some pretty unusual questions you can ask any person. So continue reading and get better at striking up conversations. Party Trivia Play Now Funny conversation starters Fun questions to ask. Here's our collection of enjoyable questions to ask and answer. They cover all different kinds of subjects. So there are sure to be some that'll be perfect for you and the person you're talking to Funny Conversation Starters. Who doesn't love a good laugh? Whether it's dry humor, a touch of sarcasm or laugh-out-loud joke, an icebreaker is always appreciated to break the tension in the room. If you need a funny opening line, try one of these: Who did you owe a favor to that made you come tonight? How long did you tell yourself that you'd stay tonight? What TV show would you rather.

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Funny conversation starters work well at parties and to break a gloomy mood caused by a cloudy day or unexpected circumstances. Try one of the following: Make an animal noise and then explain that if you could be any animal, this is the one you would choose and why. Then ask the other person which animal they would choose to be and why Funny Conversation Starters. Everyone loves people who are Funny they get attracted to them and listen more carefully than any other person in the room. Spreading a good humor among friends and family is an excellent way. A funny conversation starter not only makes you laugh but also sets an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable to approach you. What's has been the craziest thing you have. Conversation Starters; Funny questions to ask; Search. Never have I ever. The classic party game, Never have I ever - now for your phone. Download. Conversation Starters & Icebreakers. Whether you're at a party talking to someone you've just met or spent time with friends you haven't seen in awhile, coming up with a good conversation starter that isn't just boring small talk can be a. That's the least you can expect if your funny conversation starters fall on deaf ears. In the worst case scenario— You may end up offending somebody. The sense of humor is not universal, unlike the blue IKEA Frakta bag. A good rule of thumb is— Don't try to be funny from the very start, because you may end up trying to be funny. I don't mean the conversation needs to be dry. Funny Conversation Starters. These conversations starters are good for people young and old! They are sure to spark some creative answers, get the group laughing and bring back some hilarious memories. If you were in a circus, which character would you be? What is the worst advice you have given? What is one thing you should never say at a wedding? What is the worst pickup line you have ever.

Luckily for you, this collection of conversation starters for crushes is entirely made of befitting questions. Here we have getting-to-know-you questions, funny questions, flirty questions, deep questions, and hypothetical questions. You just have to pick which ones are apt for you and your crush We found some great conversation starters and tried them out! :DSubscribe to our Vlog Channel http://www.youtube.com/MoreJStuFollow us on SnapChat below Funny conversation starters can be a risky business, but they can also add interest and sparkle to your conversations. People like, listen to and trust people who make them laugh. Get your conversation off to a great start by making people laugh straight away. Humor is personal, though, so if you can, get an idea of the sense of humor of the person you are talking to first. Does he or she tell. Being a great conversationalist can be challenging. I have struggled with it myself prior to meeting Dorian, and the absolute hardest part and often overlook.. So grab those opportunities when you can, and use our 99 fun conversation starters for kids to get them talking. When you ask them the questions you'll find out about your children's dreams, what makes them happy, what makes them laugh - and lots more. Once you get started, you should have more than enough conversation starters to ask your children one every day of summer. So share them.

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Dec 22, 2020 - Explore Emily's board Random conversation starters on Pinterest. See more ideas about tumblr funny, funny memes, funny Eventually, the creator started taking conversation starter submissions via e-mail and direct messages. We get about 100 submissions a day. After West Coast comedy account became viral, he started thinking about New York City. I think people who follow the L.A. page see 10 percent of themselves, but it feels more like a fantasy land, whereas I think New York feels more real. I think it's. 70 Funny Conversation Starters. A couple enjoying the sunset rays / Conversation starters. You smell nice, what brand is your perfume? Would you prefer whispering everything or shouting everything while talking? Have you had a weird kitchen fail? How much money would you give to somebody threatening to share your browsing history with your parents or girlfriend? Would you rather live without.

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Funny Conversation Starters One of the best ways to start a conversation is to put a little twist of something funny to make you and your companion comfortable about talking to one another Funny Conversation Starters. Who doesn't love a good laugh? Whether it's dry humor, a touch of sarcasm or laugh-out-loud joke, an icebreaker is always appreciated to break the tension in the room. If you need a funny opening line, try one of these: Who did you owe a favor to that made you come tonight Not all conversations are proper to be initiated using funny conversation starters or any funny conversation starter; this does require calibration. Nevertheless, I find that people in general are much more hesitant to use funny conversation starters than it's warranted. The point is not to force yourself to be funny, but to permit yourself to be funny. This applies especially in the.

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100 Conversation Starters to Break the Awkward Silence Every person, without exception, has been in a situation where the eerie and awkward silence descends on a room. It might have been at work, maybe with a group at a dinner party or, worse still, on a date The right GIFs can also make great funny conversation starters. Numerous studies have shown women are naturally attracted to funny men. Finding a sense of humor sexy is literally hardwired into her brain. Why not use mother nature to your advantage when it comes to scoring hot Tinder dates? Here are two more ways to start a conversation, along with corresponding GIFs sure to make her crack a. 100 Funny & Random Questions to Ask Your Husband {date night conversation starters} funny questions to ask a guy. funny questions to ask a guy over text. deep questions ask guy. funny questions to ask a guy to make him laugh. personal questions ask guy. funny questions to ask a friend. funny questions to ask your boyfriend. would you rather questions ask guy. fun questions to ask your spouse.

These conversation starters are unique, interesting, and slightly silly so they're ideal for anyone chatting online. 11. Settle Your Pizza Differences Right Away . Your first message should be indicative of your personality. SEO executive Oliver Brett revealed his go-to opener is the person's name followed by an ellipsis. Women with his same sense of humor usually answer back, Oliver. What you need right now are really good conversation starters and some of the best ones use a little humor. A funny conversation starter can break the ice and allow you both to get to know each other as well as enjoy your time together. Here are 20 good and funny ways to get your conversation started. OUR FAVORITE CONVERSATION STARTERS. What is the worst thing you can say on a first date? This. Mar 21, 2018 - Explore High Friday's board Conversation Starters, followed by 216587 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about conversation starters, bones funny, funny Funny questions and conversation starters to develop conversation and connection with your kids. June 29, 2020 by WonderAdventures. The art of conversation for kids has never been more important. With kids spending more and more time on screens, communicating remotely, via phones, text, screens or online; it's never been more crucial to help them to develop good in person communication. Try some of these funny conversation starter topics during your date to get a chuckle or even a second date. They say laughter is the way to the heart. Here is a list of 50 funny conversation starters to guarantee a second date. Throwback til Mat og vinkveld 2016 #dinner #dinnerservice #preikestolenfjellstue #foodandwine #5coursedinner #pulpitrock #stf #stavangerturistforening #autumn.

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  1. Funny, but I woke up this morning wishing I had one of those little decks of cards for conversation starters. I have never been to your blog before, but bookmarked a while ago (another blog recommended yours, but I can't remember who!) So, my first look at your blog was this conversation starters page - fate! Thank you - I printed these out, backed them with scrapbook paper and I'm.
  2. Great conversation starters can lead to deeper, and more meaningful conversations, which means better dates, and stronger connections. Here are 70 fun, and interesting conversation starters to get you off to a flying start: 1. What are your favorite things to do on weekends? 2. Who are three of the most important people in your life
  3. 20 Funny Conversations Starters. December 17, 2013; Playworks for Home; Laughter is the best medicine. Entertain your kids with these fun conversation starters for families. Holiday breaks and vacations means more time with family. And during that break, you may come across the opportunity to get to know the kids just a little better. The following are # conversations starters to kids gets.
  4. Luckily for you, we have some playful and funny conversation starters perfect for Thanksgiving (or any large gathering) to get your family and friends bonding—not bickering or making passive-aggressive remarks—during the meal. If you're hosting a Friendsgiving this year, these convo starters and icebreakers will also help everyone warm up to each other, especially if you're bringing.
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Our conversation starters have multiple purposes: Help develop character traits such as honesty, imagination, confidence, and empathy. Increase self-confidence; Improve communication skills; Strengthen and make better family and peer relationships; Increase your knowledge and understanding of your child; Remember not to have expectations about what your child may share in a conversation. So here are ten different conversation starters you can use, find a few that suit your personality and go out and try them. 1. She found it funny and I was able to get her number a few minutes later. 2. Direct. I'll never forget one night in a popular club in London when I was talking to two sisters from Australia. There was a particularly good looking guy that every girl in the place was.

15 Conversation Starters That Don't Suck. By Chris Colin and Rob Baedeker. 160. Imagine almost any situation where two or more people are gathered--a wedding reception, a job interview, two off-duty cops hanging out in a Jacuzzi. What do these situations have in common? Almost all of them involve people trying to talk with each other. But in these very moments where a conversation would. Funny conversation starters are one of the most powerful tools you can have.Because if there were one skill every person worried about their conversation abilities would want to have, it would be humor. We have lots of words for it, all of them positive: 'charm' and 'wit' used by a 'clever' or 'amusing' person. No matter what you call it, though, being funny is a great way to meet people. So, knowing a couple of funny dating app conversation starters can be a great way to break the ice — and melt the tension. Claudia Cox, relationship coach and founder of Text Weapon, says that. A real conversation always contains an invitation. You are inviting another person to reveal herself or himself to you, to tell you who they are or what they want. -David Whyte Let's have real conversations. Here are 100+ questions to ask your friends, family and dinner companions. Questions to spark stories, draw out a few [

What conversation starters do you use with kids? Find 156 fun games in our newest Game Guide. Includes everything from games you can play in a small space with no materials, to games you can play in a big group during recess. Search for games by age level, time/space/materials available, and by the life skills used (like problem solving or teamwork). Download GameS. Bring Playworks to Your. Best Funny Conversation Starters. 1. What are some traditionally old people things that you do? 2. If you were to own a reality TV show, what would it be called? 3. What is the best WiFi name you've ever seen? 4. How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse? 5. If you built a themed hotel, what would the theme be? 6. If you were given one thousand acres of land, what would you do. The following article lists some of the most interesting conversation starters for teenagers. Read on. Teenage years are perhaps the most challenging in one's life. During teenage, a person experiences changes at all levels - physical, emotional as well as intellectual. A person is neither a child nor an adult during teenage, thus may not even know how people expect him to behave, talk. Why You Should Prepare Conversation Starters In Advance. Strangers that spark our interest are a rare breed. You can't go looking for them because they appear when you're unprepared: in elevators, queues and cafes. You want to talk to them, but you don't. Because you can't think of a good conversation starter that isn't boring small talk

Tons of funny would you rather questions: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?... Funny Would You Rather Questions (also see Good and for Kids) Funny, silly, and gross would you rather questions to ask. Silly. Would You Rather: Be a cow. or. Be a chicken. Fight 100 duck sized horses. or. Fight 1 horse sized duck. Have a grapefruit sized head. or. Have a head the. CONVERSATION STARTER: What's something funny that happened _____ (at work last week, during your last vacation, when you were growing up)? I once read that regularly asking your kids to recount something funny that happened at school would teach them to start looking for the humor in each day. We tried it at our house, and it really. Conversation starters with your crush that start off with generals but take the time to turn into something personal can bring you and your crush closer together. Discussions about local music events can turn into discussing you and your crush's tastes in music. Maybe you both like the same indie band. Try talking about vacation destinations that you've been to or would like to go to. It. Funny conversation is the conventional ice breaking which never gets old. When it's articulated well, it can improve any stuck or awkward interactions. However, funny conversation starters could be not everyone's expertise. Once the starters have failed, the ice wouldn't break, the situation can be even worse. When some not-funny starters could be okay as you're hanging out with friends.

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  1. Need some tips on good conversation starters with girls, something which will bowl over any girl? This article will give you all the information that you need in order to start a 'successful' conversation with a girl. When a guy approaches a girl, the first thing that they notice about him is their confidence level and also their appearance. True, a girl does not always goes for appearance.
  2. Easy Conversation Starters 40 Conversation Starters That Make Mingling Fun. March 17, 2020 by Sarah Lipoff. 5.3K Shares We've all found ourselves in awkward situations where we'd rather scroll.
  3. A good conversation starter has the following traits: Engaging: The conversation is new, exciting, funny, and it has emotion! The more you and the other person are emotionally invested in the conversation topic, the better the conversation! Personal: Great conversation starters don't just skim the surface—they dig deeper than the normal conversation would! Ask them something about their.
  4. THE #1 CONVERSATION STARTER OF THE WORLD; By the way, did you know there is one opener SO good, that I don't want every peasant to get a hold of it. It uses the psychological principle of clickbait, making it irresistible to ignore. I included it in a free video with 7 real life text examples + 2 bonus follow-up lines to use after the opener. Download it for free here. #1: The WORST mistake.
  5. 20 Questions & Conversation Starters While Stuck at Home during Corona Virus/Covid-19 March 17, 2020 by Lindsey Nubern. Stuck at home until further notice and looking for something fun to do? We've got you covered! Use these 20 fun questions and trivia to spark new conversations for you and your family and friends while you have a lot of time hanging out at home. These questions come from.
  6. Funny Conversation Starters. Humor is one of the best ways to get a conversation going. Tickle someone's funny bone or make them smile, and suddenly, you have their interest and an instant connection - which can lead to friendship. 1. If you inherited a gigantic funhouse that had a reputation for being haunted, what would you do with it? 2. If you could hack into anyone's computer and.

My conversations over txt always gets boring ! I need HELP! Wat are so things to talk about that are funny , and just funny things to say ??? Also , whats a cool way to say Hey lol c Funny Pictures:funny chatsfunny chatfunny whatsapp chatsfunny chats in englishfunny whatsapp conversationfunny whatsapp chat with friendsfunny conversation between customer and ownerhttps://lefunny net/top-funniest-conversations-24-pictures-of-conversations/funny chat with friendsfunny conversation between boy and girl on whatsappfunny whatsapp chats in englishfunny chats with friendsFunny. These good conversation starters are sure to get any child's inner chatter box talking. Even if you don't work at camp, use these topics during long car rides, for dinner table discussions, as sleep-over games, or anytime you want to have a good belly laugh with the kids (and teens!) in your life. Just start asking. You've got to start the convo. But once you do, watch the conversation. 10 Sexting Conversation Starters That Aren't Abrupt & Random. By Laura Moses. Aug. 3, 2018 . I was at happy hour with one of my best girlfriends recently when she got a text. This guy just sent. Conversation Starters; Practice 1: At a Bus Stop; Practice 2: At the Office; Practice 3: At a Party; Small Talk Quiz; Share: Twitter Facebook Email Print. Covid-19 Vocab & Quiz. Top 10 @ EnglishClub: Phrasal Verbs List; Irregular Verbs List; Numbers Chart 1-100; Verb Tenses; Grammar; Parts of Speech; Prepositions of Time at in on ; WH- Question Words; Grammar Quizzes; Parts of Speech Quiz.

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  1. 120+ Conversation Starters for Kids. Most people have a lot to say. And believe it or not, children are no exception! In fact, kids have an immeasurable amount of interesting things to share. It's all just a matter of talking with them. Luckily, this list provides 120+ conversation starters for kids that are ready for use
  2. ded or at least respectful of each other's viewpoints. But when it comes to family, work-related, or casual-acquaintance gatherings, the rules are different. Try not to be too serious when starting.
  3. 10 Best Hinge conversation starters that get a reply; How to create your own effective openers so you never run out #1 Hinge conversation starter (more than 8 million impressions) The easiest way to melt her heart with your opener; A simple and powerful way to continue the conversation; By the way, did you know there is one opener SO good, that I don't want every peasant to get a hold of it.
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  1. First of all a great funny conversation starter might be to share something funny that happened to you. You will come across as modest rather than arrogant. By using the cocky/funny method to approach women you will come across as someone having a conversation with her while making her laugh also. This is a great technique because she wont see you as someone trying to pick her up with a cheesy.
  2. 10 No-Fail Dinner Party Conversation Starters. Today, we're getting tipsy with the no-fail questions these 10 expert hosts ask to kick-start a conversation at a cocktail or dinner party. By Carla McDonald, Contributor. Entertaining expert and founder and editor of The Salonniere, the premier and award-winning site dedicated to the art of entertaining. 07/23/2014 11:57am EDT | Updated September.
  3. Conversation Starters Use these questions to talk to your family and friends about Christmas and what it means. You may work these into normal conversation, but often they work best as part of a Christmas party or formal celebration with your family. You might ask a couple questions to the group and ask everyone to answer one or both of them. For young children, be sure check out the.

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Here are seven funny conversation starters to help you get started. HUMOROUS OBSERVATIONS Finding something in your surroundings that makes you chuckle or amused and pointing it out in conversation can be a funny way to kick things off, or to keep a conversation going when it seems that it might stall out prematurely. BAD AND CHEESY JOKES Everyone, believe it or not, loves a bad joke when it's. Forums → The Tavern → Funny conversation starters. 12: 17283: Report. Save Cancel. offline. skater_kid_who_pwns . 4,365 posts. Blacksmith. Posted May 5, '09 8:01pm UTC. Allright so I just was looking for some things to say to people to start a conversation. SoI found these! Well these are good for saying to people you don't know, and ihave been using them over the last week. Some people.

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We found some great conversation starters and tried them out! :D Subscribe to our Vlog Channel http://www.youtube.com/MoreJStu Follow us on SnapChat below!.. This conversation starter can bring a light, playful, untethered feeling into your mix of questions, Jones says. It's also fascinating to hear anyone's answer, she adds. If she'd watch every television series ever created, and you're an active guy who can't stand to be indoors, well, that shows you might not be super compatible Here are a few conversation starters that can help your child think about and form their ethics. If your friend forgets to bring lunch, should the other kids share with them? Is it ever OK to ever cheat in school or sports? Is there ever a time that it would be OK to steal from someone? Tips for Character-Building in Kids . To Help Develop Confidence . It's important for kids to recognize. Funny Conversation Starter #2. The next time you see a woman in the vegetable section of a supermarket or grocery store, walk up, smile and jokingly ask, Sowhat are you cooking me for dinner tonight? This shows a lot of confidence and if you smile and ask the question in a light-hearted way, most women will laugh and enjoy it. If that conversation starter is too advanced for you. Get Talking With Funny and Introspective Conversation Starter Cards. By Allison Bowsher June 17, 2020. Amazon. When you buy something through our retail links, we may earn commission and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. Share. Share This Article Pin It Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk An engaging conversation can be a great way to get to know.

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Mar 21, 2018 - Explore High Friday's board Conversation Starters, followed by 216609 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about conversation starters, bones funny, funny Conversation Game Suggested Rules: Choose one topic at a time for one or both of you. There is a list of upbeat topics below. Agree on time limits such as 2 minutes with possible extensions of 2 -3 minutes. Use format for topic talk, such as, who, what, when, why & how with intro/middle/ending. Show listening with eye contact, nodding, summarizing and asking questions afterwards. Take turns. Funny online dating conversation starters get lots of responses since most people enjoy having a laugh. Women are more likely to respond to a humorous message, and science has proven that women value humor when looking for a man. Of course, guys are also more likely to respond if a woman makes them laugh. Send a GIF that will attract their attention and a humorous message to follow up. Start. Use one of these to make ENGAGING conversation at any moment with EASE. Break the ice every time.<br /><br />Hear 3 shocking tricks that eliminate social anxiety or shyness on the spot - when you need it the most! This is so potent that you'll want to use it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.<br /><br />5 visualization and internal exercises that will BANISH shyness from you FOREVER. You will feel. If you are looking for some funny conversation starters to start connecting with people a bit better,if so then read on.Below you will learn some great funny conversation starters from a great guide called Conversation Fire System. So what do you get with the Conversation Fire system? First of all you will get a free 129page Charm Report- learn the secrets to inventing funny and engaging.

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Funny Conversation Starters For Dating Sites, interracial dating in baltimore md, dating snap on tool box logo, revista eletricidade moderna online datin Text conversation starters are more difficult to formulate than normal conversation starters because of the simple fact that you cannot play off the other person's emotions and draw your conversation out further. In the following article, we will provide you with ideas on how you can draw up conversation starters and steer a great conversation like thus

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Conversation Starters.com. 4,507 likes · 14 talking about this. Great ideas for conversation starters, topics and questions Just practice these Spanish conversation starters and you can strike a conversation in Spanish with any friend or potential friends! Don't forget to sign up below to get your free copy of the Spanish Conversation Starters pdf below. Basic Spanish Conversation Starters for Beginner Our family loves coming up with would you rather questions and other funny conversation starters when we eat together, so I decided to make some just for family pizza night. I'm including my free printable of nine family pizza night jokes and conversation starters for you to print and use during your next family pizza night. Just last night we picked up a Papa Murphy's pepperoni pizza and. Funny Conversation Starters. FA CQ. Takip et. 4 yıl önce | 5 görüntülenme. We found some great conversation starters and tried them out! :D Subscribe to our Vlog Channel Follow us on SnapChat. Bildir. Daha fazla videoya gözat. Sonraki oynatılıyor. 42:58. conversation and are not designed to produce standardised lessons. Each unit contains many possible branching off points which can be either pursued in more depth or accepted at face value. How to use the material Give a copy of the activity page to each learner and have them read the quote and give their reaction to it. Then put them into pairs or small groups to try and unscramble the mixed. Do you have the same problem with easy conversation starters? Here are some strategies I try when my mind goes blank: 1. Comment on a topic common to both of you at the moment: the food, the room, the occasion, the weather. Yes, talking about the weather is a cliché, but it works. Good questions to ask are How do you know our host? and What brings you to this event? Always keep it.

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